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We are a community book and record shop located in the heart of NDG, Montreal.

With hundreds of new arrivals each week, our friendly and knowledgable staff are always buying quality items.

Always buying high-quality books, records, CDs, DVDs, and other fun things!


They started searching for interesting books and records together, father and son, they enjoyed their findings and they enjoyed their time together. Eventually they accumulated a large number. It became apparent that they could not keep all of their treasures and started supplying retail book and record stores. Peter and Sean got to be very good at finding wonderful books and records. They dreamed of opening a store (so they didn't have to carry so many boxes!), but waited and learned the business for over 9 years.

Finally they decided they were ready to open a store. After looking and looking and almost abandoning hope, Sean and Peter saw a little storefront not far from home. It wasn't perfect but it had everything they needed to open their first store. They rented it and with the help of Ryan (Peter's other son), they were able to get the store up and running by January 2004. The idea was to make the store open and inviting with a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Comfy chairs, great music and well organized sections were a must.

Over ten years later, Encore has several talented and creative employees and is a staple of the NDG community.

Encore is also home to a print and design studio.

Founded in 2014, Encore produces high-quality fine art reproductions of vintage posters, maps, and advertisements as well as original innovative wall-art for the modern home. Located in the basement of the store, our studio sends prints to customers across the globe.



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